Melody & Electronics EP

by biggabush




Glyn "Bigga" Bush began his production career with Rockers Hi Fi in the early 90s, co-writing several studio albums, a host of remixes and the infamous DJ Kicks - The Black Album.  In 2000 he went solo as both BiggaBush and Lightning Head, making albums for Sonar Kollektiv and Stereo Deluxe as well as many more remixes.  His sound reflects his love of dub reggae, analogue synthesisers and intricate rhythms, with influences of samba, afrobeat, the deep dubscapes of Rhythm & Sound and most recently the more interesting end of 140bpm bass music.

This EP is his first vinyl release since the late 00s and takes in a number of bass-heavy rumblers with classic BiggaBush twists and turns, starting with the steppas delight of Mangrove Monkey, relentless subs and skanks of Sounds & Blues, post-dubstep breaks on Dash Way Com and finishing with a minimal 4/4 FX soundscape on Footsie Index.


This is killer!
Tim "Love" Lee, Tummy Touch

Great to hear some new music from Bigga Bush! A snappy, spacey, bubbling delight, forward looking music with deep roots & a great sense of fun. Heavy support from me.
Mr. Scruff

Sounds And Blues is quietly, pleasantly doing my nut in right now..lovely on a sunny morning in Aotearoa.
Jim Pinckney, Stinky Grooves, NZ

From Jah zu Jah, from Leipzig to Munich. Jahmoni is the jamaico-phile branch of the Schamoni Label in Munich, and as such the perfect spot for Bigga Bush. In his glorious past he was one half of Rockers Hi-Fi. The two "punky reggae party" socialized Brits have introduced House Music to Dub-Reggae in the 90s. With the new Melody & Electronics EP from Bigga Bush for Jahmoni things are taken from there but are now more reduced, without vocals, not too fast and without "Grime-Masculinity". Bad people would call it "Feelgood-E-Dub".
Klaus Walter, Spex magazine

Sounding a bit like Ghost Box in dub….
Joseph Stannard, Adventures in Sound & Music, The Wire/Resonance FM

Yeah good EP, loving “Dash Way Com”
Simon Harrison, Basic Soul

The original Rocker's HiFi heavy bass vibe transferred into 2017.
fast forward vibes. full support.
Michael Rütten, Soulsearching

Great to see bigga bush return with a new ep on Jahmoni Records, the dubbadelic department of munichs Schamoni Records. right man, right place.
Klaus Walter, Byte FM

Intricate, dark electronics on a dub excursion with superbly executed beats
Alan Gubby, Buried Treasure Records

There's few people who get me as excited about their new music as Glyn "Bigga", the way his creativity adapts a rootsy background to modern sound palettes is exemplary and a proof that age and experience is a status on his own. Mangrove Monkey is an amazing double tempo club challenge, a real treat for the intrepid DJ; the heavy bass dub of Sounds And Blues is unmistakeable Rockers' textbook dub, Dash Way Com is all UK Jamaica with smart harmonic details on the chords and arps, Footsy Index is dub techno made to go even further in tension and sound as it's sharp production contrasts with genre's usual lo fi textures... delay heaven.

DJ Kaspar, Lisbon

Beautifully executed
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45s

Love it, trippy and dubby. The production sounds great!
Benua Carles
Biggabush continues to explore the off kilter blippy side of dub.  "Melody & Electronics" steps deep and dark in fresh new directions with "Mandrake Monkey" and "Sounds and Blues" claiming big thumbs up from yours truly!

Eric Tucker DJ Wiseacre, LA

Love it.

Comes across at times as a bit of a tribute to the golden age of dubstep, which of course I like. Also brings to mind Rhythm & Sound which is also a good thing in my book. It's pretty out there though, especially the first and last tracks, neither of which sound quite like anything else I've heard. 

Dan Bernstein/Johnny Clash

Biggabush in "pure essence"
Enrique Domenech

As ever a wicked collection. I'm loving this
Velanche Stewart, Urban Landscapes

Supported by Jason Bentley, Garth Trinidad, Aaron Byrd (KCRW, LA), Marcus Maack (Back to the Basics, Hamburg), Klaus Walter (Byte FM), Bobbie Philp/Sista Selector 2Bob Radio NSW Australia, Jim Pinckney, Stinky Grooves 95bFM NZ, MIchael Ruetten, Soulsearching, Klaus Fiehe, 1Live

Please note the vinyl plays at 33 not 45 as stated on the label


released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


biggabush UK

Glyn "Bigga" Bush is an independent producer from Dorset in the UK. His projects include the Magic Drum Orchestra, Lightning Head and Rockers Hi Fi. The albums available here were previously released on Best Seven, Stereo Deluxe or Lion Head Recordings. ... more

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