1. BiggaBush Freevisited

  2. The black Albumen - Provokovieff
    The black Albumen

  3. Acid Fly / This River feat. Jackie Walters

  4. BiggaBush vs Ventoux
    BiggaBush vs Ventoux

  5. Rarities Volume 2
    Rockers Hi Fi

  6. Real & Regal (Illegal Dub Version) feat. Farda P / Outernational Anthem

  7. Rockers Instrumentals Vol.2
    Rockers Hi Fi

  8. Embers Breaks Vol.1
    BiggaBush vs Johnny Clash

  9. Rockers Instrumentals Vol.1
    Rockers Hi Fi

  10. Bobby's Job/Jobby's Bob
    Lifeboogie vs BiggaBush

  11. Paths of Life - Rockers Path remixes
    Rockers Hi Fi

  12. Rockers to Rockers
    Original Rockers

  13. Rockers Rarities 92-99
    Rockers Hi Fi

  14. Live at the Crypt '97
    Rockers Hi Fi

  15. Rockers Hi Fi in D&B
    Rockers Hi Fi

  16. Push Push: The Extra Versions
    Rockers Hi Fi

  17. 90 Degree Fuzzwalk: Remixed
    Rockers Hi Fi

  18. Seven Hills presents Rockers Hi Fi 92-96
    Rockers Hi Fi

  19. The Story of Sunken Foal Stories
    Glyn Bigga Bush

  20. Live in Linz 95
    Rockers Hi Fi

  21. SFS Beats
    Glyn Bigga Bush

  22. Times Up
    Rockers Hi Fi

  23. Trip Hop Re Bop Don't Stop
    Rockers Hi Fi

  24. Inter/Outer Wah

  25. More Guaranteed Bangers
    Rockers Hi Fi

  26. Sinewave Session
    The DeGoTees

  27. BiggaBush in Dub

  28. Jobby's Bob

  29. Programmable Rhythmer EP

  30. Going Under - The Kruder & Dorfmeister Sessions
    Rockers Hi Fi

  31. BiggaBush presents Elektrassassin

  32. Stigmergy Remix

  33. Switchblade Sisters
    Switchblade Sisters

  34. Guaranteed Bangers
    Rockers Hi Fi

  35. Lightning Head Specials Volume 2
    Lightning Head

  36. Lightning Head Specials Volume 1
    Lightning Head

  37. Airgoose - "The Orange Record"

  38. Original Rockers - Push Push (The Remix EP)
    Rockers Hi Fi

  39. Stoned - 25th Anniversary Edition
    Rockers Hi Fi

  40. Sunken Foal Stories
    Glyn Bigga Bush

  41. Rockers Hi Fi - Overproof
    Rockers Hi Fi

  42. Rockers Hi Fi - Mish Mash
    Rockers Hi Fi

  43. Sods and Odds EP

  44. Melody & Electronics EP

  45. Rockers Hi Fi - Rockers to Rockers
    Rockers Hi Fi

  46. Original Lo Fi by Rockers Hi Fi
    Rockers Hi Fi

  47. Rockers Hi Fi - Remixes Volume 3
    Rockers Hi Fi

  48. BiggaBush Remixes Volume Three

  49. BiggaBush Remixes Volume One

  50. BiggaBush Remixes Volume Two

  51. The Dub Blows Forward

  52. Rockers Hi Fi - Remixes Volume One
    Rockers Hi Fi

  53. Rockers Hi Fi - Remixes Volume Two
    Rockers Hi Fi

  54. BiggaBush Re-Edits Volume Three

  55. BB Re-Edits Volume Two

  56. BB Re-Edits Volume One

  57. Titans of Siron

  58. The Law of Fives

  59. Dingo Crunch EP

  60. Traffic Jam (El Head Version)
    Lightning Head

  61. The Complete Works of Wavelad

  62. Music By The Yard


biggabush UK

Glyn Bigga Bush is a musician, DJ and producer based in Dorset, originally half of Rockers Hi Fi, now making music as the Magic Drum Orchestra and BiggaBush on the Tru Thoughts label. His influences range from afrobeat, dub and funk to library music and soundtracks as well as electronic music, latin and jazz.
Bigga’s Big Dig can be heard live on the first Friday of the month 20:00-22:00 GMT
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